Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 Check In

Well, I'm home sick today and in between naps.  I was looking through the site and noticed the "photo" blog template was out-of-date (many gadgets broken) so decided to go with a vanilla blogger template, so voila!  What's been happening?  I'll try to get some pictures up from 2012 and early 2013 - not much travel other than Disneyland again (added post below but here are pics).  We've (Heidi moreso) been the human taxi-cabs for all the kid's activities.  Kensi just finished preschool and Garreck is wrapping up kindergarten in the next week or so.

Despite my best efforts to get him into ice hockey like me, he loves his basketball and baseball leagues the most.  He's still in swimming over at Kings Swim.  Kensi was in soccer (Kids Love Soccer) and swimming at BAC.  We'll see how the summer goes!

(The picture here is us hiking San Bruno Mountain)