Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Kensi's 3rd Birthday

I took the day off to celebrate Kensi's b-day with the fam (picture link, also below).  We let her play with some presents early - new pink Hot Wheels "street machine" (which was too big), a pink scooter (which she loves), and a pop-up "princess castle".  Next, we headed over to Hillsdale Mall to the Build-a-Bear Workshop.  Kensi opted for the red Hello Kitty, which she named Mimi (Kensi already has a regular Hello Kitty).  Mimi happens to be Hello Kitty's sister "in real life Hello Kitty world".  Yes, I know all the Hello Kitty characters.

We got her a birthday cookie cake as her treat.  Finally, we decided to convert her crib into a daybed.  She actually never really wanted to get out of the crib but figured she's already three.  A very Happy Birthday indeed!

Pictures:  Kensi's Third Birthday

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Early 2012 Pics

Finally posting some 2012 pics and video (yes, it's supported on Flickr finally).  With Garreck getting into basketball this year, we went to a Harlem Globetrotters game at Oracle Arena in Oakland.  We also were able to hit the San Francisco Auto Show to check out some of the new cars - Garreck liked the sports cars :)  Finally, I got the kids interested in learning to ice skate - there's a few photos and two videos.  Garreck got pretty good so I found a pair of ice skates for him - he actually had a lot of trouble with them since I got them sharpened.  Anyway, I still think he prefers hoops to hockey; oh well...

2012 Family Pic Set 1 - Globetrotters, SF Auto Show, and Ice Skating.