Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Kensi's 3rd Birthday

I took the day off to celebrate Kensi's b-day with the fam (picture link, also below).  We let her play with some presents early - new pink Hot Wheels "street machine" (which was too big), a pink scooter (which she loves), and a pop-up "princess castle".  Next, we headed over to Hillsdale Mall to the Build-a-Bear Workshop.  Kensi opted for the red Hello Kitty, which she named Mimi (Kensi already has a regular Hello Kitty).  Mimi happens to be Hello Kitty's sister "in real life Hello Kitty world".  Yes, I know all the Hello Kitty characters.

We got her a birthday cookie cake as her treat.  Finally, we decided to convert her crib into a daybed.  She actually never really wanted to get out of the crib but figured she's already three.  A very Happy Birthday indeed!

Pictures:  Kensi's Third Birthday

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