Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 Lake Tahoe and Gilroy Gardens

We finally decided to take the kids up to Tahoe this winter (Picture Link).  We chose Granlibakken Lodge based on a few recommendations from my coworkers.  It didn't disappoint, we originally wanted a room in the main lodge but ended up with a room in one of the newer "mini lodges" that had a little patio.  The kids could go out back and play in the snow.  Granlibakken is great for kids since they have a small sledding and ski hill along with all the rental equipment.  They loved it, even after taking a couple of wipeouts and a few snowplows in the face thanks to me (note: don't use your boots to slow the sled down if a kid is with you :)

We paid a visit to Squaw to check out Olympic Village and ride the supertram up, which the kids really enjoyed.  It was windy as heck though.

The other pics I added were a visit to Gilroy Gardens - we haven't been there in a couple years so wanted to take Kensi.  They actually had a special where you could get a free membership for the year so we might head back at some point, though it's a bit of a haul from the peninsula. Rides are probably best for 3-5 year olds.

Picture Link:  2012 Lake Tahoe and Gilroy Gardens

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