Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 Disneyland, Legoland, and San Diego Zoo

Our summer 2012 trip was back down to Southern Cal - Disney, Legoland and the SD Zoo (Picture Link).  Overall, great fun.  For Disney we elected to stay at the Candy Cane Inn - great prices, clean, no-frills, and most important - a 10m walk from the Disney entrance.  Last time, we were at the Embassy Suites (iirc), nicer accommodations, but about a 20m walk.  I also bought a subscription (5 bux) to touringplans for Disney - it tells crowd levels, how busy rides are, etc.  Definitely worth it since we targeted days that were not crazy busy.  It does drain your mobile battery so I would not use it to log ride waits (I did that the first day and it zapped my battery by 1PM).

For San Diego, we actually stayed at the West Inn Suites in Carlsbad - awesome hotel at very reasonable rates.  I highly recommend it.  Legoland is great for smaller kids (I'd say 6y old and below) and not too big to walk.  Lines aren't too bad but they have some VIP package you can get for like $80/person to let you cut in front of lines.  Sealife Aquarium is so-so, not nearly as good as Monterey Bay but still worth it.

Finally, the SD Zoo is huge.  I didn't realize it before hand and did not get the bus passes - I'd do it next time because there is a ton of walking up/down fairly big hills.  I don't think you can do the entire zoo in a day.  Still, it was definitely worth the visit and much better than Sea World (which we visited last time).

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